Enjoy Hours of Fun At Millennium Park

View of Downtown Chicago from the Lakefront Park

Living the big city high life is a rewarding experience, but sometimes we need a change of pace.

Escaping the confines of the city is not only necessary—it’s exhilarating. Thankfully, you don’t need to travel far to find yourself in a totally new environment. A quick trip to Millennium Park is one of the best ways to get some fresh air without leaving the suburbs of Chicago. Here are all the details about this wonderful landmark:

About Millennium Park

The park is filled with amenities and activities to entertain visitors and Chicago residents alike. It’s well known for featuring a wide collection of outdoor artwork and designer architecture.

For more than 100 years, the land on which the park currently resides was owned by the Illinois Central Railroad. The preservation of this plot set the stage for one of the greatest parks in the state.

What To Expect

The park is designed to accommodate a variety of events, which is perfect because there’s always something going on. Guests can expect a wide assortment of cultural programs and concerts. The local art community also features original exhibitions and groups can come together for community activities.

The park is bigger than just a community hub. Part of the property is reserved for the Lurie Gardens, a botanical wonderland worth exploring. The staff also provides guided tours for those who prefer a little more structure to their adventure.

The park is designed for year-round fun. In fact, there’s even a huge ice skating rink during winter.

Residents of our Oak Park Place community are only a short 20-minute drive from Millennium Park. Contact us today for more information about our luxury community or to set up a tour.

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