Spend a Fun Day at the Shedd Aquarium

little boy watching a scuba diver in the tank at an aquaimum

Do you want to spend an exciting day learning about marine life from around the world? If so, head to the Shedd Aquarium which has been part of Chicago’s landscape since 1930. It’s where more than two million visitors walk through the door each year to see fascinating animals and sea creatures including:

Mantella Frog

Known as the poisonous jewel of Madagascar, Mantella frogs are the most brightly colored of all frog species. They weigh up to two ounces and spend much of their time crawling around on the jungle floor as they don’t have webbed feet to help them swim. Adults live in small colonies with an average of two males for every one female, and it’s the male’s job to protect their territory.

Green Sea Turtle

Named for the color of their shell, green sea turtles are weighty animals that live in tropical and subtropical waters across the globe. Their flippers resemble a paddle, which helps make them both powerful and graceful swimmers. They are one of the only marine turtles that leave the water other than at nesting time. In the wild, they may be spotted sunbathing alongside seals.

Beluga Whale

Found inside the Abbott Oceanarium, beluga whales are some of the most popular creatures at the aquarium. They are among the smallest whale species, and they range in length from thirteen to twenty feet. Belugas are easily identified by their distinctive white color and prominent foreheads. They live in small groups called pods.

Guests can enhance their visit by attending animal chats and aquarium presentations that show how the animals are cared for by their trainers.

The Shedd Aquarium is just one of many attractions near Oak Park Place Apartments. If you are searching for a place to call home, please contact us to arrange a tour. Our leasing agents would love to show you our amenities and floor plans firsthand.


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