Explore the Mitchell Museum of the American Indian

Teepee with a background of Blackfoot writing/ communication symbols.

Did you know that Oak Park Place is near one of the only cultural institutions that exclusively centers on the art, history, and culture of the American Indian and First Nation peoples?

We’re talking about the Mitchell Museum of the American Indian, and it has welcomed visitors since 1977.

The museum features an extensive collection, and exhibits include:

The Photographs of Edward S. Curtis 

In the early 1900’s, photographer Edward Curtis traveled from Mexico to the Arctic. During his travels, he captured more than 40,000 photographs of Native American tribes. Many critics agree that his work is impressive, though some have criticized it as he often staged scenes with culturally inaccurate details. Edward had to overcome difficult field conditions to shoot the images which include the acts of pottery making and home building.

A Regional Tour of American Indian Cultures

This fascinating exhibit takes visitors on a journey through the major regions of Canada and the United States. The exhibit highlights the art and culture of the tribes who called these areas home. The display includes birch bark canoes, headdresses, totem poles, and so much more.

The Teaching Wigwam

The Teaching Wigwam is a fun exhibit that offers hands-on experiences for all ages. At the center is the Bajiishka’ogaan, a conical lodge that was used for temporary purposes such as hunting camps. It was constructed of birch and box elder limbs. This exhibit also features a colorful mural that depicts the ecosystems and landscapes that were present in the Chicago-Evanston-Skokie area when the Pottawatomie lived here.

The Mitchell Museum of the American Indian is just one of the cultural attractions near Oak Park Place Apartments. If you are looking for a place to call home, please contact us to schedule a tour.

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