North Michigan Avenue is One of the Greatest Avenues in the World

Michigan Avenue or The Magnificent Mile famous for its shopping Chicago, Illinois, USA

A short drive from Oak Park Place is one of the greatest avenues in the world. We are talking about North Michigan Avenue, which is better known as The Magnificent Mile. It’s home to shops, restaurants, museums, and so much more, and is the perfect spot to spend an afternoon. Highlights include: Bloomingdale’s  As Chicago’s flagship […]

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Get Reimagined Noodles and Dumplings at Urban Belly

Noodles, dumplings and rice are popular staples of Asian cuisine. Enjoy a delicious re-imagined version of these foods at Urban Belly, located at 1400 W. Randolph Street in Chicago. Urban Belly is designed around the concept of communal dining, which is a major part of mealtime in Asia. It’s a great way to meet people and […]

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