Explore the Mitchell Museum of the American Indian

Teepee with a background of Blackfoot writing/ communication symbols.

Did you know that Oak Park Place is near one of the only cultural institutions that exclusively centers on the art, history, and culture of the American Indian and First Nation peoples? We’re talking about the Mitchell Museum of the American Indian, and it has welcomed visitors since 1977. The museum features an extensive collection, and […]

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Journey Back in Time at the Driehaus Museum

1800's mansion with chandelier and fireplace

An easy drive from Oak Park Place Apartments is a destination that immerses visitors in one of the grandest residential buildings of 19th century Chicago. We’re talking about the Nickerson Mansion, which is now better known as the Driehaus Museum. Richard Driehaus founded the museum in 2003 to promote the architecture and design of the past. […]

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Don't Miss Anything On Display at the Museum of Mexican Art

Chicago is fortunate to have a rich mixture of ethnic diversity. Spend an afternoon at the National Museum of Mexican Art and get a fascinating look at their deep cultural heritage. The museum is located at 1852 W. 19th Street in the heart of Chicago’s Mexican community. Its expanded audience and growing holdings enabled the move to this […]

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