Where To Get Delicious Breakfast Sandwiches In Oak Park

Breakfast sandwiches are a great choice on a busy morning and a filling option on a low-key weekend. Luckily, if you’d like to enjoy one from the comfort of our Oak Park apartments, there are several local spots that have you covered. Here are a few options where you can get the best breakfast sandwiches in Oak Park.

Courageous Bakery Cafe

Courageous Bakery Cafe was founded in 2011 by two sisters. This casual eatery supports a number of local charities and takes pride in offering fresh, delicious meals. The menu includes several breakfast sandwiches. Try the popular English Breakfast Sammie, an English muffin stuffed with turkey sausage, Gruyere cheese, egg whites, and greens. Customers also love the Lorraine sandwich: a croissant stuffed with maple bacon, scrambled eggs, and Swiss cheese. Courageous Bakery Cafe is currently offering curbside pickup.

Spilt Milk

Spilt Milk is another locally owned bakeshop that is currently offering curbside pickup. They bake everything from scratch, including their croissants and bread. What’s more, they source their ingredients from local farms, such as Slagel Family Farms and Kilgus Farmstead. The breakfast sandwich at Spilt Milk comes stuffed with bacon, sharp cheddar cheese, and farm fresh eggs. In addition to breakfast sandwiches, Spilt Milk also sells amazing sugar cookies, brownies, and cinnamon rolls. Who said you can’t have dessert in the morning?

The Onion Roll

The Onion Roll is a small, friendly deli that serves all sorts of sandwiches, and their breakfast sandwiches get plenty of attention.  Try the Rise and Shine, made with eggs, bacon, and cheese on thin wheat bread. The Iron Man is another favorite, made with turkey sausage, egg, and tomato on whole wheat. Order your sandwich to go and they’ll wrap it up for you.

The next time you’re craving one of the best breakfast sandwiches in Oak Park, head on over to one of these local spots. While you eat, take a virtual tour of a local museum. If you are thinking of moving to the Oak Park area, please contact us for more information about our community.

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