Three Easy Ways to Make DIY Wall Art

man hanging wall art

Decorating with wall art you’ve created is a great way to make your space feel like home. You don’t need the skills of a professional artist to make something you’ll be proud to display in your Oak Park Place apartment, just a few supplies and a creative mindset. We hope these three ideas inspire you to create a piece of DIY wall art that reflects your personal style.

Painting for the Non-Painter

An abstract watercolor painting is an ideal project for beginners. All you need is watercolor paints, paper, a couple jars, and a willingness to try new ideas, and you’ll make something beautiful in no time. Or try splatter art, which involves flinging or dripping paint onto a surface like fabric, paper, or canvas. This project is fun and lets you get messy — just make sure to protect your work area with something the paint won’t soak through, like an old shower curtain liner.

Framing the Unexpected

You probably have something stored away in your apartment that would look incredible framed on your wall. Think pages from old books, maps, scarves, patterned fabric, or old postcards. Or, if you can’t find anything ready to frame, make your own. It’s easy to upcycle old magazines into wall art. Just cut magazine pages into strips, fold them, glue them onto cardboard, and trim if necessary. Frame when the glue dries and put your new work of art right up on your wall.

Hanging Objects

Many of us have beautiful collections we’ve hidden away in a closet or drawer. Why not show off your prized objects? Consider hanging hats, vintage plates, baskets, or license plates. Or perhaps a quilt, blanket, or rug you’re not using would look great on your wall. Think outside the box — anything you own can be transformed into wall art!

It couldn’t be easier to create DIY wall art that you can show off at your next virtual gathering. Contact us to learn more about Oak Park Place Apartments.

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