Get Your Groove On at Intuit Dance in Oak Park

Right in the heart of Oak Park’s Art District is a contemporary dance studio like no other. Intuit Dance emphasizes personal expression and approaches the art of dance as a medium for individual creativity as well as a means of fostering a healthy lifestyle. Taking a dance class here is a great way to get exercise, learn something new, and make new friends at the same time.

About Intuit Dance

Intuit Dance was established in 2004 primarily as a children’s dance studio. Since that time, the studio has grown to encompass a large mix of classes for all age groups. The artistic director, Diane VanDerhei, is an accomplished choreographer and dancer who performed with the National Ballet of Illinois. The studio provides technical training and serves as a destination for self-expression and creative release.


The classes at Intuit Dance cover an array of innovative and exciting realms of movement. Choose from these classes, or sign up for a variety of styles!

  • Ballet – Classes range from the fundamentals to more advanced levels in every age group. Classes focus on classical technique while allowing room for personal creativity.
  • Hip Hop – A favorite among younger folks, these classes stress musicality, interpretation, and rhythm. Students learn slinky footwork and body isolations.
  • Tap – An energetic class for all ages with an emphasis on fun. Taught by Nico Rubio, considered one of the best tap dancers in the country.
  • Contemporary – This dance style is the studio specialty and is led by some of the most talented instructors in the area.
  • Jazz –  Intuit has developed jazz routines and classes targeting various ages and skill levels. These classes also focus on improvisation and individualized choreography.


Intuit Dance is the go-to place for wedding dance preparation. Couples will be confident and light-footed when that special day arrives. The studio also offers a series of pilates training to help improve flexibility, strength, and posture in dancers. More serious students who want to expand their dancing talent into theater and performance can take advantage of Intuit’s acclaimed professional training.

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