Have a Laugh at These Comedy Clubs Near Oak Park

comedian laughing with a group of men on stage at a comedy club near Oak Park

One of the oldest sayings that almost everyone knows is “laughter is the best medicine.” We believe there is a lot of truth to that saying. Nothing cheers people up better than having a laugh, and luckily, Oak Park Place is near some of the best comedy venues you can find in the country. Check out some of our favorite comedy clubs near Oak Park:

The Comedy Clubhouse

The Comedy Clubhouse is a small and snug comedy club that offers everything stand-up, improv, and more. This is the only organization that specializes in “immersive comedy.” Immersive comedy is a type of comedy where comedians are expertly placed in a specific event such as a wedding or birthday party and perform depending on what is asked of them. 

Riddles Comedy Club

Riddles Comedy Club is a comedy venue that hosts various comedy shows such as weekly open-mic nights and stand-up with established comedy guests. In addition to comedy, Riddles Comedy Club also features a full bar and karaoke. Riddles also offers an affordable dinner and a show package. 

The Revival

Not far from our apartments in Oak Park is The Revival. This venue hosts many unique comedy events such as the “The Excited State” which is a blend of science and improv comedy, and “State of Unfairs” which features hilarious fast-paced sketches and songs about Illinois. In addition to the comedy shows, The Revival also features comedy classes, workshops, camps, and private events. 

Our beautiful apartments in Oak Park, IL are close to comedy clubs and so much more. Please contact us anytime to set up a tour. You can also get a sneak peek of our layouts online.

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