Learn a New Language Virtually

The worldwide web provides us all with an infinite universe of virtual learning opportunities. There’s no time like the present to learn a new language virtually.

Whether you have always wanted to be bilingual or you’re just trying to study up for future travel, taking the time to learn a new language will always be a worthy investment. Additionally, seeking learning opportunities and sharpening language skills helps grow connections neighbors and friends at Oak Park Place Apartments.

There are countless options for those who want to learn a new language virtually regardless of current level or end goal.

Conversational Language:

Many people seek language courses to be able to grow a basic vocabulary and to communicate essential information. This level is great for short term traveling and low-level conversation. At this level, there are many free (yes FREE) platforms that allow you to enhance your language skills. Start with the free version Duolingo, the game-like interface makes learning fun and easy.

Cultural Connection:

Maybe you already have a strong foundation in a second language but would like to learn more about the culture and connect with native speakers. Livemocha encourages users to learn languages by connecting and interacting with each other. This FREE platform supports 38 unique languages with users in more than 180 countries. You’ll sharpen your skills through virtual conversation, lessons with live feedback, and practice exercises. 

Language Fluency:

Regardless of your starting point, obtaining fluency in another language is a worthwhile investment of time and money. Platforms like Rosetta Stone and Babble may have higher price points but the quality programs enable users to refine their language skills to a much higher level. These programs aim to help users obtain an extensive vocabulary and grammatical correctness. 

We are proud to be a community of learners! Contact us today to hear more about life at Oak Park Place!

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