Enjoy Nature at Possum Hollow Woods

Parents swinging their daughter in the air at a local park

Oak Park is close to an abundance of nature parks that feature acres of wild, beautiful woods. One of these natural areas, Possum Hollow Woods in La Grange Park, is a mere 20-minute drive away from Oak Park Place Apartments . Bring a friend, partner, or family members, and you’ll enjoy peaceful relaxation and the sweet sounds of nature.

Enjoy a Day Outside

Put on your sunscreen and bring a picnic basket – you’ll enter a simpler era without any pressing distractions. Possum Hollow Woods features two rustic “picnic groves” with tables nestled into the natural environment.

Be sure to be a steward of the natural environment; clean up after your meal, so Possum Hollow Woods can continue to be an enticing natural destination for other visitors.

Take Your Picnic to the Next Level

Take your picnic game up a notch with these 75 meal suggestions from Taste of Home. As the summer winds down, you’ll still enjoy the fresh flavors of a meal you’ve packed, as you breathe in the crisp air of your natural surroundings in Possum Hollow Woods.

Add fruit to mix up the picnic standards, such as “Ruby Raspberry Slaw,” which takes its flavor from the bright, tangy berries. For a portable and attractive-looking part of your meal, you’ll enjoy “Pasta Salad In A Jar,” with brightly-colored sweet peppers, tomatoes, and onions.

If you plan to take your time before eating, don’t forget ice packs, to help maintain a perfectly-chilled temperature for your food.

Bring Some Activities

You can fully maximize your time in Possum Hollow Woods with some activities that will keep you out in the fresh air. Go old-school with a board game at the picnic tables, or bring a book and some magazines to enjoy. You’ll feel truly at peace here.

Possum Hollow Woods is one of many places to relax near Oak Park, Illinois… and your apartment at Oak Park Place is always a perfect place in which to enjoy pure relaxation. Contact us for more information and a tour. 

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