Small Batch Barbecue Just Opened Near Oak Park Place

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Sticky ribs, smoky chicken, spicy brisket—barbecue is just so delicious! If you’re craving barbecue this weekend, then head to Small Batch Barbecue, one of the newest restaurants near Oak Park Place Apartments.

Small Batch Barbecue’s Quality

Small Batch Barbecue takes a couple of steps to ensure their food is top-notch. They use natural hardwood smoke, not liquid smoke flavoring, and they leave their meat in the smoker for a full 16 hours. They also cook their food in small batches, paying close attention to each batch. Their ribs even won the Forest Park Ribfest Championship!

Visiting Small Batch Barbecue

The restaurant not only takes pride in its food but also in its service. Just order at the counter, and your food will be ready before you know it. Grab a seat in the cozy dining room and dig in. The food is served in compostable containers, so you know you’re doing right by the environment.

Small Batch Barbecue is open for dinner on Tuesdays and for lunch and dinner Friday – Sunday. Since they barbecue their meats on-site, they do sometimes run out of certain items before the end of the day—but that’s the price you pay for truly great barbecue.

Best Menu Items

So, what should you order? It’s hard to go wrong, but one of the best choices is the brisket sandwich. It’s served on a brioche bun and is so tender with a hint of spice. The Award-Winning Ribs are also delicious and come in sets of 3, 6, and 12. Don’t forget to add on a couple of sides! The hush puppies, made with a sweet cornbread batter, are a nice complement to the sweet barbecue. Guests also love the baked beans, which are made with pinto and Great Northern beans. 

Head over to Small Batch Barbecue at 7441 Madison St. in Forest Park. Contact us if you’re looking for a new apartment near this and other great local restaurants. 

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