Tour the National Museum of Mexican Art from your apartments in Oak Park

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Nestled in nearby Chicago is one of the country’s prominent institutions for Mexican art and culture. The impressive collection at the National Museum of Mexican Art spans many eras, from ancient Mexico to the present day. Through their fascinating online exhibits, you can view these remarkable works from home. Here is a sample of what you can see from the comfort of our apartments in Oak Park.

1. Nuestras Historias: Arte Popular/Folk Art 

Arte Popular/Folk Art highlights some of the most renowned pieces in the museum’s extensive folk art collection. This exhibit showcases several artists, like Santo de la Torre. He began his storied career in 1965 at the height of the Huichol contemporary art movement. Santos creates using colorful beads and personal designs. He even met his wife when she purchased some of his very first pieces. The museum features his famed piece The New Awakening, which he created in 2003 using chaquira beads in Campeche wax. 

2. Nuestras Historias: Mesoamerican 

A region with numerous indigenous cultures, ancient Mesoamerica included parts of present-day Mexico and Central America. The museum’s collection showcases this region’s artifacts, which were made in various media and depict everything from deities to everyday objects. Highlights include ceramic bowls, sculptures, and ornate masks.

3. Nuestras Historias: Modern Contemporary Mexico 

The Modern Contemporary Mexico exhibit features a wide array of artists, such as painter Jean Charlot. Born in Paris to a Mexican mother, Jean Charlot mainly worked in Mexico, as well as the United States. He was best known for creating monumental frescoes that show the influence of Mayan art, and his bold use of color is evidence of his passion for his culture’s history. In fact, many of Charlot’s pieces feature mythical themes. 

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